About Us
Who And Why We Are

Hear first hand how Sk8 Church is changing lives from one of our dedicated leaders, Jeremy Schmitz. Jeremy is a missionary to Uganda with Come Let's Dance and a Sk8 Church volunteer when residing in Steamboat.....

"A couple years ago when I met the Lord for the first time, He showed me His heart for people. I'm all about relationships, and that's what I like best about Sk8 Church-walking alongside kids and volunteers to create that safe environment, not just in a building, but in a relationship. Sk8 Church is a safe and healthy place for people to come regardless of where they're at, a place where the staff and volunteers are really dedicated to having kids' backs and going to really deep and sometimes messy places with kids. I love the vulnerability that the kids know they can allow here. I've built relationships with several kids just in the few weeks I've been here where I see they're at that junction in their lives to be sharing some of the things that they're sharing and to see the Lord already working in those places and restoring those relationships and calling these kids to His feet. All because of this place."