About Us
Who And Why We Are

Isaac Tarectecan, 20
Sk8 Church Intern

Missionary to China as a student and leader   

Moved from California in September

“Wherever God calls me I’m gonna go there, I’m gonna serve however He wants me to. Specifically for this season I’m here in Steamboat, at Sk8 Church. And I love it! What I see that Sk8 Church does is reach out for the broken, persistently pursuing out of pure love. They’re digging through the ugliness of broken lives and seeing kids pulled out, transformed, renewed, brought back to life. That’s what I crave to see because I know that’s what God has done in my life. Sk8 Church is about the kids coming into this building but it is also about pursuing them outside of this building as well. We meet the kids, have lunch or breakfast with them, hang out with them outside of this place because that’s where life is, it’s what relationships are about. It’s genuine. It’s real. It’s hard core. It’s what I like about it. Just hanging around with Buck (Chavarria) these past few weeks has been eye opening as to what genuine, persistent love looks like. It’s inspired me so much by how they reach out in such a passionate way. That, and seeing these kids respond, knowing that Sk8 church is a safe place. These kids may be thinking, ‘My home situation is horrible, the streets and the things I deal with may be horrible. But I know where to find rest and peace, I know where to find fun and happiness in a healthy way. And that’s Sk8 Church.’ That’s what I see with these kids. It’s pretty awesome!!”