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Sk8 Church
 Did you know.....That Sk8 Church is not only a full, indoor, professionally designed skate park, but also has state of the art technology for youth to use, free of charge, to do homework or create job resumes. 
Did you know....That Sk8 Church is open every Monday-Friday from 2-6 as a safe sober After School Program that youth can attend for free. 
Did you know..... That Sk8 Church is a ministry of Christ for Life Ministry Inc., an independent, faith based, non-profit that runs solely on the private donations and grant funding. 
Did you know..... There are no required beliefs to belong to Sk8 Church. While we teach the ways of Jesus we love everyone no matter what they believe and everyone is welcome.
Did you know.... That Sk8 Church has full service addiction recovery assistance that helps people stay sober until getting into treatment, set 24hr. safety plans, assists with treatment application, offers spiritual support, assists people getting medically cleared,  financially helps in paying initial treatment fees, and getting into residential or outpatient therapy, as well as finding short term sober housing support.
This is just a glimpse of what we are currently offering to our community and we will continue to share even more "Did you knows" so stay tuned!